State and Local Government Law

Since 1964, attorneys in the firm have represented City and County governmental entities in Shelby and surrounding counties.

Real Property Law

The field of real property law governs the buying, using, selling, and ownership of land.

Domestic Relations

This category involves many types of actions, including divorce, custody, child support, post-divorce modification, contempt and rule nisi, paternity, adoption, guardianship, and juvenile dependency.

Appellate Practice

Several of our attorneys are experienced appellate practitioners, having handled appeals at every level of the state and federal appellate court systems.  

Civil Litigation

Our attorneys represent clients in a variety of contractual matters or other civil disputes.


Our attorneys represent individuals being charged with crimes in municipal and state courts. 

Estate Planning and Probate

The goal of estate planning is to assist individuals in managing their assets in the event of incapacity or death.

Labor and Employment Law

Our attorneys assist public and private clients in navigating and negotiating the complexities of employment practices in a rapidly changing legal landscape.

Workers Compensation

Our attorneys represent employers in the public and private sectors in a variety of worker’s compensation cases.